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Cycling alone Hanoi to Ca Mau

Bicycling alone from Hanoi to the land of Ca Mau, the story of this guy makes many people not respected.

30 days across Biking Vietnam by bike with 5 million ballast bags, alone crossing the total distance of nearly 3 thousand kilometers

The young people love the experience, together go through Vietnam is no longer rare. However, cycling through Vietnam alone from Ca Mau to Hanoi with only about 5 million bucks as this guy is probably not many people do so far.

Xuyên Việt is a long-cherished dream of Nguyen Thanh Luan, born in 1995, living and working in Quang Tri.

Quang Tri boys cycling in Vietnam for a month with 5 million – Photo 1.
Nguyen Thanh Luan has done great things that not everyone can do, it is a bicycle crossing Vietnam.

The 22-year-old bicycle crosses Vietnam from Quang Tri to Ha Noi, then crosses National Highway 1A “South” to Da Nang, and then again cycles along the coastline. The destination is the land of Ca Mau.

In the beginning, I only saw one of my friends participate in the forum of cycling through Vietnam so also to find out. why?

Gradually finding a lot of interesting things really appealed to me, so I decided to schedule a trip from late last year. ”

Quang Tri boys cycling in Vietnam for a month with 5 million – Photo 2.
On the first day in Hanoi, the boy had a chance to visit Dong Xuan market.

During that time, the young man from Quang Tri spent time exploring the experience, the note that people have been through the Vietnamese share to make the site for his next trip.

Besides, Luan also did not forget to “plow hoes” by going to work to accumulate a pocket money of 5 million, which is the total cost of a month’s trip.

When we learned about the Quang Tri boys who were making their own bicycle ride along the S-shaped strip and contacted Thanh Luan, he had come to Ho Chi Minh City and did not forget to promise. will share all the memorable memories of their special journey when the final destination.

Quang Tri boys cycling in Vietnam for a month with 5 million – Photo 3.
Quang Tri boys pedal Vietnam for a month with 5 million – Photo 4.
Quang Tri boys bicycling across Vietnam for a month with 5 million – Photo 5.
The bike is a companion of 9x Quang Tri on the journey across Vietnam

“I’m going to finish the trip, when I come to Ca Mau I will share about this trip, because then the new feelings are true and full” – This is the message of 9x Quang When approached his dream.

Finally, after 30 days alone, alone with the “iron horse” war zone areas along the S-shaped land, Nguyen Thanh Luan kept many countless experiences, precious memories.

The hard-hitting journey of the 22-year-old man

As a passion for the experience, challenge with a little extravagant of youth, Cheng was extremely determined with this difficult journey.

Starting with a small amount of money in the pocket, Thanh Luan one day cycling from 80 to 100km, everyday he often visit the popular food for cheap.

At night, get a gas station, public places can sleep, or else London will ask for sleep in the house instead of renting rooms to save money.

Along the way, the guy encountered many difficulties, from broken car, or to calculate the wrong way, leading to not get where to sleep thanks to even though it was dark, and especially health problems.

This is the first journey of Trinh Luan cycling, so he has to learn and anticipate will encounter many difficulties, but struggling to get more than lost.Thanh Luan said of his memorable trip: “The thing that I was most worried about during my trip was getting sick in the middle of the road, and it came to me twice. Saigon is sick with high fever, have to rest several days to go forward.

The second time is sick after the first five days, when I go to the West, near the nasal area also have fever due to erratic sunshine.

Remember that night in Cam Ranh himself to ask for sleep, in the area of ​​the people have a hammock or hammock for guests. But at the suggestion of the owner refused to smart