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The bike ride to the beautiful tourist attractions in Dalat

1.Truc Lam Monastery

Today we will bike to Phoenix mountain pass to Truc Lam Zen Monastery, located in the Phoenix Mountains from downtown Da Lat 5km along Highway 20 and Prenn down beside Tuyen Lam Lake. Truc Lam is one of the three great monasteries of the country according to Buddhist meditation by Truc Lam Hoang Tran’s founder. By this everyone will find moments of deposition in the heart. It is not just the pilgrims, but also a place for peace tour of many domestic and foreign tourists.

In addition to the special architecture of a monastery where there is also a fairly large campus with many beautiful flowers and rare film about monks from all over the world , making the scenery becomes poetry dreams and attract many people to enjoy .

2. Tuyen Lam Lake 

From the monastery we can infuse the whole scene of Tuyen Lam Lake , a large freshwater lake 320ha city center 5km south of Dalat . Two lakeside pines have blue cover both died soon dangling in the sun and cool down with clear blue lake shimmering the landscape , the subtle ambiguity . With a quiet space , fresh air suitable for camping activities , resort , hiking , … is the kind of eco-tourism .

 Here visitors can walk around the lake with a boat lover or sit on the spoiler surfing together , send in the warm sunshine , a little more poetry to send to clouds , you will feel the magic of the place and dreaming charming that nature has bestowed on this place .

Leave Tuyen Lam Lake and Truc Lam we move on to visit Da Lat city center with many other tourist attractions await us .

3 .Datanla Falls 

Tourists in front of the waterfall entrance Datanla resort , this resort is located near large 312ha Prenn 5km south city center of Dalat . Datanla not so noisy waterfall flowing over the rock shelf , 20m high Waterfalls flowing down a deep pass Called the death .

When on tour operators Tourists can walk through the winding rock shelf covered by green moss and the two sides have shelves with colorful flowers and attractive . If you do not like to walk visitors can try best to slide Their unique system to Da Lat , long chutes 1000m ridge circling the brake system reduces the speed sensor to keep safe , decent average speed of 10 – 20km trough cũng but can be up to 40km for keen voiwsai speed . Both sides of the road network cũng Arrange the fresh flowers of all kinds for visitors to enjoy while surfing . Sao amount within a few minutes ahead adventurous Tourists tình is now waving a white foam waterfall await Tourists visit .

Currently , it is expanding waterfall climbing adventure for visitors keen to discover adventure in 7 floors of Datanla majestic waterfall .

4. Mong Mo Hill tourist area 

This is a self-contained tourist resort villas with gardens , restaurants, sales , amusement parks , lakes … in a class campus quite narrow but here also is full of flowers of four season , bright colors are very attentive care . Creating attraction for tourists . Here visitors will see a radical work of the world is the Great Wall of miniature 2km long . Inside the hill resort has a romantic old house was built from house chest in Binh Dinh , the people in this house will encounter an incredibly magical wooden table , wooden table because this can rotate in touch people stay without using any external force can act on when I put my hand on the table . A few words can not say all the magic of wooden table that was new to try their hand knows what the magic of it all . When visitors come here just once visit old houses and try rotating the turntable was offline .
The attractions of this resort does not stop many things that make this place attractive is gong on stage fried and ethnic cultural village .

5. Dalat Flower Gardens

In front of us is the gateway to the Dalat Flower Gardens is located beside the picturesque Xuan Huong lake, and Cu hill Da Lat center 2km before this place is just velvet flower garden of stars has been upgraded to a flower park Da Lat.

Here visitors will admire the beauty of the event was kind of odd flora collected from all over the world with over 300 different species of flowers are blooming, such as orchids, tulips, pouring rights, currency …
Every year on the holiday, which is also Chinese Spring festival gathers many artists with a variety of ornamental plants, bonsai, bonsai competition jointly set extremely sharp, and attractive

6. Xuan Huong lake

Leaving Dalat flower garden visitors can stroll around Xuan Huong Lake photosynthesis under blue foliage is drooping through ball down the flat face of a dive , take a few steps to the restaurant caught her slender willow in early sunshine , and it would be nicer if the branches in spring training when the race was red but her bloom pink cheeks of the women she paints highlands .

Xuan Huong Lake is an artificial lake located keep the center of Dalat city , a beautiful lake is like the heart of Dalat. Lake over 7km long have semicircular here visitors can walk around the lake by bike double carriage to admire two lakeside beauty . When visitors come gracefully should not miss a unique architecture , is hard to find in places where there is one of those kinds of people can come take photos . Coming to the Xuan Huong Lake couple can do together in love duck boat around the lake under a peaceful scene romantic Xuan Huong lake only .