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trip hostel in Da Nang

7 cheap hostel for tourists in Da Nang

The airy, convenient location and the price is only 150,000 VND per night, Packo Hostel, Like Backpacker, Memory … are the ideal destination for dust tourists.
The container hotel costs VND180,000 a night in Danang
The green Homestay is located near the sea in Da Nang
7 cheap hostel for tourists in Da Nang
With colorful containers, Packo Hostel is an attractive choice for many travelers visiting Da Nang. This hostel is located near My Khe beach, Phuoc My ward, Son Tra district. Younger groups choose dorm rooms to save money and to be able to communicate freely. Price per night from 180,000 VND / person. Photo: trangkinhhogg.

7 cheap hostel for tourists in Da Nang
Barney’s danang backpackers
Situated on Tran Hung Dao Street, this hostel has views over the bridges spanning the Han River. With spacious design, many dorm rooms, common rooms … suitable for large group travel. In particular, each room has a toilet so convenient living. Price per night here on average 180,000 VND / person. Photo: Barney Hostel.

7 cheap hostel for tourists in  of bed breakfast in Da Nang vietnam
Funtastic Danang
This hostel has two campuses, one in Hai Phong Road in the center of the city and one on Ha Bong Street, a few minutes walk from My Khe Beach. Meals are served on the rooftop with airy space, and guests also have the chance to socialize in the common living room with many amenities. Room rate per night from 150,000 VND / person. Photo: Funtastic Danang.

7 cheap hostel for tourists in Da Nang
Like Backpacker
This hostel is decorated in a classic, cozy, luxurious style with a mini bar, private reading room and various room options. However, Like Backpacker’s room rate is very “friendly” for dusty travelers, only 180,000 per person per night. Picture: Like Backpacker Hostel.

7 cheap hostel for tourists in Da Nang
5D Upper Dorm
Located near the Trieu Nuong crossroads, 5D Upper Dorm is a new residence for transfer lovers. The space here is not too wide but very clean and private. Every little detail is taken care of, the common room is equipped with musical instruments, TV, game machine … to serve the needs of leisure visitors. The price of a night here is only 150,000 VND / person. Photo: 5dupperdorm.

7 cheap hostel for tourists in Da Nang

The first impression on visitors when coming to Memory Hostel is the unique architecture both inside and outside of the building. Located on Tran Quoc Toan Street, guests can also enjoy views of the Dragon Bridge and the Han River, whether in the room or on the balconies of each floor. Hostel has many dormitories from 4, 6 to 8 beds, the price of a night from 180,000 per person. Photo: phanvantrantuan.

7 cheap hostel for tourists in Da Nang
Little flower

Less than a 2 minute walk from the Han River, this homestay is a modern European-style villa with lots of fresh green foliage lining the corners. The room types are named after European roses such as Valentine Rose, Spirit of Freedom, Heritage, Chocolate, Olivia … Homestay offers a variety of rooms for your choice such as double rooms, 4, 6 or 8 rooms. bed. Price per night from 150,000 VND / person. Photo: Little Flower Homestay.